New Glory

New Glory
New Glory.

The Flags of the World database has this to say about this flag:

These flags were a regular production item at the Paramount Flag Co. before 1978 and the subsequent adoption of the rainbow as a symbol of Gay Pride. It was popular with the “Rainbow Children” and other similar counter culture groups. It still is, and as they are quick to point out, “They had it first!”. They were used at Rainbow Gatherings. They were also made by Colors of the Wind in Santa Monica in the 1970’s (I think theirs started with a purple stripe). It is called “New Glory” and predated the “Gay Nation” rainbow by at least six years, probably longer. Also available was a “Rainbow” First Navy Jackbefore 1978. — James Ferrigan, 20 August 1999

The Rainbow Family has used the “New Glory” flag for many years. The canton of stars represents all of the constellations — united, or the U.S. depending on who you talk to. The stripes of many colors represent all of the tribes of the earth. The symbolism being that all of the different peoples or tribes can come together in peace and harmony. At least in a flag! And hopefully in person. The “Rainbow Family of Living Light”, also known as the “Rainbow Family” is an international, non-hierarchical, non-organized, loose-knit group of hippies. Ages vary from 1960´s flower power veterans to new-borns. All decisions are made by consensus. Anyone who cares about the earth and their fellow man is automatically a member. That includes you! Of course, membership lists are not kept, acceptance of a person is automatic upon that person showing up at a “gathering”. Sort of a hippie camporee! Or peace festival. National gatherings in the U.S. draw about 20 to 40 thousand people. It is not a gay organization. Gays are of course included, but as human beings, brothers and sisters, not as predominant or exclusive, or even excluded. Just more people. In about the same proportions as the general population — whatever that may be! — Kevin McNamara, 9 September 1999

The artist Stanley Bermudez has used New Glory as the basis for his painting “Rainbow Flag“:

Stanley Bermudez: Rainbow Flag.  Acrylics on Canvas, 45" x 60".
Stanley Bermudez: Rainbow Flag. Acrylics on Canvas, 45″ x 60″.

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