The Cuban Flag’s Descendents

As a symbol of independence from Spain, the Cuban flag has inspired a number of others, including those of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Catalan separatists. Cuba’s flag was originally designed in 1849 in New York City by Venezuelan-Cuban General Narciso López and Cuban poet Miguel Teurbe Tolón to symbolize the effort to have the US annex […]

Flags and Emancipation in Cuba

Esther Allen has an excellent piece in NYR Daily about the history of US-Cuba relations, including this fascinating story about the Cuban flag: For its part, the US government had had an eye on Cuba at least since the beginning of the nineteenth century, when Thomas Jefferson tried without success to buy the colony from […]

North American Flag?

by Michael Orelove, Vexilloid Tabloid #53 If Canada, the United States, and Mexico were to join to form a North American Union, what would the resulting flag look like? Mike Hale, the former owner of Elmer’s Flag and Banner, put this flag together for me. Residents of each country can easily recognize the color and […]

Flags of the Rose Festival Fleet

by Scott Mainwaring, Vexilloid Tabloid #53 Every June, Portland’s Rose Festival welcomes “the fleet” from the US and Canada.  Moored along the Willamette river, the ships display a colorful range of flags to see—ensigns, jacks, signal flags, and courtesy flags.

Flag Pinwheels

What flag designs make good pinwheels?  Let’s consider… South Korea: The Taegukgi lends itself extremely well. … China: Does not seem to be common, but here is an example. … Hong Kong: The design is practically already a pinwheel. But has anyone made it into one? … Israel. … Palestine. We couldn’t find flag-based pinwheels, but we did […]

Helly Luv: Revolution

Kurdish performer Helly Luv (Helan Abdulla) shot the music video for her single Revolution in a village near Erbil, Iraq, during fighting between ISIS and the Kurdish peshmerga.  (During the shoot she fired upon ISIS militants herself.)  The video is an oxymoron:  a pacifist plea to “Stop the Violence” that glorifies the anti-ISIS Kurdish armed forces.  It […]

Documenting the Redesign of the New Zealand Flag

If you’re interested in the goings on in New Zealand as they select a new flag, you should be reading Dan Newman & Co.’s fantastic blog FLAGDESIGN.NZ: Documenting the Redesign of the New Zealand Flag.  And if you are interested in flag design, you should be interested in New Zealand’s process, as it provides great […]

Happy Bastille Day!

From, via Google Translate: Establishment of National Day Before the building of the Republican majority in the 1879 elections, the royalist MacMahon, discouraged, resigned from the presidency of the Republic and is replaced by a moderate Republican old Jules Grevy (1807-1891). Now all orders of power, the Republicans take symbolic measures simultaneously transfer of the […]