Helly Luv: Revolution

Kurdish performer Helly Luv (Helan Abdulla) shot the music video for her single Revolution in a village near Erbil, Iraq, during fighting between ISIS and the Kurdish peshmerga.  (During the shoot she fired upon ISIS militants herself.)  The video is an oxymoron:  a pacifist plea to “Stop the Violence” that glorifies the anti-ISIS Kurdish armed forces.  It is also full of flags — vexillologists may enjoy playing “name that flag”, especially towards the end of the video.

Here are some shots from the video:

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.26.25

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.19.09

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.24.27

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.21.22

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.22.16

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.15.23


Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.13.11

Screenshot 2015-07-18 12.16.13

Thanks to Vexillology Ireland for the pointer to this video!


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