Flag Pinwheels

What flag designs make good pinwheels?  Let’s consider…

South Korea: The Taegukgi lends itself extremely well.

Korea Bizwire: 50 Korean Flag Pinwheels Installed [in Cheongju] to Celebrate Upcoming 70th Anniversary of Independence
Korea Times: Pinwheels patterned with the “taegeuk,” a symbol on the Korean flag, whirl near the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in central Seoul, Friday.
@seona212 on Instagram: A strange feeling that evokes your patriotism. #cityofGimcheon #Gimcheon #Koreanflag #thenationalflagofKorea #cityhall #pine #night #pinwheel #summer #specialevent #themostcomplicatedflag it is called #태극기, a.k.a #Taegeukgi

China: Does not seem to be common, but here is an example.

Kechuang Plastic on Alibaba.com: Chinese flag printing pp plastic spinning toy pinwheel for celebration

Hong Kong: The design is practically already a pinwheel. But has anyone made it into one?

The flag of Hong Kong.


ReformJudaism.org: Yom HaAtzmaut Pinwheels

Palestine. We couldn’t find flag-based pinwheels, but we did come across this project by the American Friends Service Committee involving black pinwheels to protest the 521 Palestinian children killed during Operation Protective Edge in July 2014.

#GazaPinwheels project poster by Mohammed Hassona.
#GazaPinwheels project poster by Mohammed Hassona.
Black pinwheels in yard.  AFSC #GazaPinwheels project.
Black pinwheels in yard. AFSC #GazaPinwheels project.


Stock photo (c) Brad Calkins.
Sold by Pincher Creek.
DLTK’s Kids: Canada Day Pinwheel Craft

United Kingdom. Like Hong Kong, the design is pinwheelish.

Found on Betterware’s Pinterest. Link to betterware.co.uk broken.
Stock photo (c) susandaniels.
From eBay Italy, missymooltd: Union Jack disco pin su bastoncino di legno.

United States. Many examples, as stars-and-stripes can be put on practically anything, even if the flag itself isn’t pinwheelish.

Identity Links: Promotional 6″ American Flag Pinwheel
Image from world-food-and-wine.com
Party City: American Flag Pinwheel
From Alpha Mom.
From Alpha Mom.

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