Vexilloid Tabloids 86, 87, & 88

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This is our first ever semiannual issue update! Well, not really a cause for celebration, we’re sorry for the delay, but here are the first three 2021 issues you have been patiently waiting for.

Vexilloid Tabloid #86 features:

  • Oregon Flag Registry Shifts to FOTW (Ted Kaye)
  • Flags of 2020
  • Arms and the Child (Ralph Bartlett)
  • Training for Flag-Raising in China (Xinfeng Zhao)
  • Royal Response to the Hawaiian Flag Documentary (Patrick Ka‛ano‛i)
  • State Flag Pledges (Michael Orelove)
  • The Flag at Rajneeshpuram (Kevin Harrington)
  • A Flag Vexillary (Phil Allen)
  • What’s that Flag? (Ted Kaye)

Vexilloid Tabloid #87 features:

  • Pandemic Repercussions (Ted Kaye)
  • Flags and Plutos (Michael Orelove)
  • Flags of Mauritius (Max Liberman)
  • February 14 Flags (Michael Orelove)
  • Members Fly Flags for Neighbors (Graham Houser, Alex Zimmerman, and Ted Kaye)
  • Collecting Flag Patches (Ralph Bartlett)
  • Flags in Philadelphia (Larry Snyder)
  • COVID Defiance Flag Heralds Vaccine Rollout
  • What’s that Flag? (John Cartledge)

Vexilloid Tabloid #88 features:

  • Flags as Branding (Ted Kaye, on Michael Green’s TEDx Talk)
  • Stars on a Flag or Stars from a Flag? (Michael Orelove)
  • Portland, Victoria (preview of article coming from Ralph Bartlett)
  • A System of Unambiguous Hatching (David Koski)
  • The Need for a Common State Flag Format (Nate Szubin)
  • Red Cross Flag Donation (Michael Orelove)
  • Côte D’Ivoire in PDX (Alden Jencks)
  • Evolving White House Flag Displays (Al Cavalari)
  • What’s that Flag? (Mike Thomas)

As always each issue includes highlights from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news and notes, sightings of the Portland city flag, and the What’s that Flag quiz (but you knew that). 

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  1. Hello there PFA. The link to the Vexilloid Tabloid #87 PDF does not seem to be working. The URL ends with .pdf.pdf which creates a “404 error page not found.” This can be easily corrected by removing the double “.pdf” at the end of the URL.

    Have a lovely weekend,

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