Merry Christmas (Island)!

It’s that time of year when vexillologists turn their attention to the flag of a small Indian Ocean island owned by Australia: the Island of Christmas!


It was named by English Captain William Mynors on Christmas Day, 1643, from his East India Company ship the Royal Mary.  (This is apparently all this is known about William Mynors.)

The island was uninhabited until the late 19th century, entirely flagless until 1986, and officially flagless until 2002.  The flag was designed by a certain Tony Couch, of Sydney, formerly of Christmas Island, who won $100 in a flag contest.

Not a bad design, though the map of the island on a gold disk in the center is a bit superfluous. And Couch should have shared his prize money with Susan (Karike) Huhume, designer of the (earlier) PNG flag, for the general idea.

Flag of Papua New Guinea

For more on Christmas Island and its flag, check out James Breig’s well-researched Christmas Eve blog posting of last year, Waving a flag on Christmas…Island, that is on the Gettysburg Flag Company’s website.


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