December 2016 Roundup

Roundup is a regular feature of the Vexilloid Tabloid newsletter, collecting various flag-related items of note.

Portland hosted the trial of the armed occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeaster Oregon.  In Chapman Square, in front of the US District Courthouse, supporters maintained a vigil, including this boy hoisting the national flag as a symbol of  distress.  In a surprise verdict, the defendants were acquitted.

Protesting in downtown Portland in support of the Malheur occupiers.

Our Croatian colleague, Lt. Col. Željko Heimer, has turned his PhD dissertation into a book, with editorial help from Ted Kaye.  It’s available on demand at

Heimer’s Exploring Vexillology through Military Unit Flags

How to represent surfer-pirates   on a flag?  Catlin Gabel School’s annual 8th-grade Gilbert & Sullivan operetta—this year Pirates of Penzance—replaced pirates and policemen with surfers and lifeguards, using a flag designed in a group effort led by Danny Lezak.

The surfer-pirate flag in Catlin Gabel School’s Pirates of Penzance.

John Niggley’s mother celebrated her 76th birthday on 18 Sept. 2016; John honored the event with the Bennington Flag.

Veteran Michael Orelove stands in front of his flag display at the Columbia Gorge Kiwanis Club Veterans Day appreciation pancake breakfast held in Corbett. Among the flags was the 15–star 15–stripe flag.  While Michael has been downsizing, he has retained a large number of flags, which he shares with the community and school groups.

A golf ball with 32 national flags in pentagons and hexagons.

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