November 2016 Flutterings

Flutterings is a regular feature in our Vexilloid Tabloid newsletter, providing highlights from our last meeting.

In our November meeting, hosted by Fred Paltridge and his fiancée Willow Washburn in their new home, 11 PFA members enjoyed a lively 3+ hour evening of flags.  In the usual role of the host, Fred moderated the discussion.

Host Fred Paltridge (with Willow) moderates the discussion.

Fred compared the red and white checks of arms of the royal families of Croatia (past) and Monaco.

Ted Kaye passed around newspaper clippings with flags as photo subjects, Željko Heimer’s new book which he’d edited, and Portland city flag pins, recently arrived from the vendor.

He also posed the most recent flag quiz to the members, described a visit to Columbia, S.C., and shared some full-size flags from his collection, including those of the Saami nation, Ukraine (a gift from the Antarctic base commander), Western Ukraine (a gift from business colleagues), and a hospitality flag used by European hotels (comprising 16 country flags).

Ted Kaye stumps the crowd with the flag of Western Ukraine (a long-ago gift from software development vendor colleagues in Lviv) as Joyce Gifford looks on.

David Koski anticipated the upcoming “Civil War” football game between the University of Oregon (Ducks) and Oregon State University (Beavers), wondering how to create a “flag for ambivalent people” who support both or neither side—perhaps using a platypus? He also posed a question for Roman Mars: does he have a personal flag?

David Koski

John Schilke reflected on his recent office cleaning, where he mostly just moved items around and gave away a few things…but kept his flag books!

John Schilke

William Gifford brought a 1976 bicentennial flag set with 48 historic flags and an explanatory booklet, marketed by Von’s and created by the Golden State Display Mfg. Co. in N. Hollywood.  He’d bought it recently from an antique shop after it was left out in the rain.

William Gifford arranges 48 historic flags sold by Von’s stores during 1976.


Michael Orelove described how he gave away his burgee collection to the local Sea Scouts.

Michael Orelove shows the one burgee he retained in his collection—from the Royal Yacht Club, Suffolk, UK.

Ken Dale described the rededication of the memorial to Larry Dahl, a Medal of Honor winner from Clackamas County, just before Veterans Day, and related the experiences of his aunt, a nurse during WW2.

Ken Dale describes Clackamas County’s only Medal of Honor winner.

Joyce Gifford related how when the San Francisco Zoo needed 5,000 4”x6” California state flags for the opening of its bear exhibit on extremely short notice, the Giffords’ Chinese source ran its factory day and night for two days to complete the order on time.

Jessie Spillers presented his recent learnings about the history and flags of Newfoundland, and described the most recent Big Bang Theory “Fun with Flags” episode.

Jessie Spillers describes the history of Newfoundland and its flags.

David Ferriday showed some recent acquisitions, including a  folk art U.S. flag with 8 stars and 9 stripes, a Betsy Ross House print which he gave to Fred & Willow, and an Irish city flag.

David Ferriday unveils the flag of the Irish town of Loch Garman (Wexford), in County Wexford’s colors.

Erick Watkins, inspired by the flag of Cyprus, jokingly proposed a new flag for Portland, with its map silhouette and two “green stags”.

Erick Watkins shows what a Cyprus-inspired Portland flag might look like.

Our next meeting will be at the home of Jessie Spillers on Jan. 12.  Jessie took the Portland Flag Association flag home with him—the customary task of the next host.

The PFA flag

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