Doughnut Flags & Flag Doughnuts

Our latest newsletter, Vexilloid Tabloid #57, featured this high-calorie image:

The 39th Portland International Film Festival, the Northwest Film Center’s annual showcase of new world cinema, took place 11–27 February at the Portland Art Museum.  It used doughnuts—many flag-themed—to transmit the message of internationalism in posters, on its website, and in its trailer (from which these images were clipped).  Portland’s very own world-famous Voodoo Doughnuts provided the actual flag-pastries.  Note the excellent choice of a maple-frosted item to represent Canada.

This got us thinking about the intersection of doughnuts and flags.  Enjoy, but consume in moderation.


I Pledge Allegiance to the Do-o-o-o-nuts
Krispy Kreme Celebrates Texas Independence Day with 1,836 Donuts Arranged into the Texas Flag
EU flag donut
A girl poses with doughnuts bearing the colours of the European flag at Independence Square in Kiev on December 17, 2013. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images
Mike Currin @MikeCTZA “Cool doughnut flag @CheckersSA for the #RSA vs #SAM game in #RWC2015 today the #ENG vs #WAL game should be good too
From the Daily Mail: All hail Priscilla! Doughnut Time have introduced this creation — Priscilla, Queen of the Doughnut
Krispy Kreme printable flag for Talk Like a Pirate Day
Chicago Donut Flag by Daphne Karagianis

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