Hello, Hello Internet!

Hello Internet (hellointernet.fm, @HelloInternetFM) is a podcast by prolific YouTube celebrities C. G. P. Grey and Brady Haran.  Vexillology appears to be a recurring theme.  For example, the current episode, H.I. #51: Appropriately Thinking It, includes discussion of the Fiji flag referendum and a design contest they are running to create a Hello Internet flag.

As supporting material for their Fiji flag discussion, they linked to our handy all-on-one-page guide to the 23 finalists for a new Fiji flag.  As a result, we’ve had over 14,000 views of that blog entry over the last week — an all-time site record. To which, we just want to say: hello, Hello Internet!

For their flag contest, they’re collecting votes (that must be mailed to Bristol, England using physical post cards) for five candidate designs:

Read the rules, and send your properly formatted votes off to England.  They must arrive by 17:00 UK time on December 3rd to be counted.


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