Nathan Hoang’s Epic FOTWANDIPUB

In 2010 Nathan Hoang, aka The Moosehead, aka DisasterPieceTheatre, while recovering from a knee injury and inspired by the flags appearing in TV coverage of the FIFA World Cup, created Flags of the World: A Non-Digital Interactive Pop-Up Book.  He then filmed himself (presumably) opening each page and showing its interactive magic, all set to music (appropriately enough, the song Brazil).  The 2 minute and 55 second,  230 flag YouTube video of connections between flag designs has been viewed a paltry 139,000-some times since 2010, showing that there is not justice — nor enough vexillologists or pop-up-book aficionados — in the universe.

Here are some animated gifs, from, in case you haven’t yet been persuaded to click play on the above video.

animated1 animated2 animated3

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