Szabolcs KissPál’s negative flags

Szabolcs KissPál is a Romanian artist based in Budapest whose work has focused on dualities:

KissPál ´s works are about doublings and dualities, positives and negatives, the two appearances of one object. Among them is the complex and multi-layered work ´Rever´, part of a series installations, which KissPál exhibited in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Moldavia, Rumania, Finland and the Netherlands. The ‘Rever’ installation has a gallery-room and a flag outside which is projected into the room. The flags recall the respective national flags but are somehow disconcerting. Only the negative projections into the rooms reveal them in their customary hues but at the cost of inverting their surroundings. This process is used by KissPál in installations, videos and photographs and is applied to flags, balls and traffic-lights, which he uses as objects in his study of human perception. KissPál´s work poses questions regarding the possibilities of perception. (Petra Stegmann, writing on

Inverted flag, part of a Rever installation.  From
Inverted flag, part of a Rever installation. From
contribution_22_42_kisspal rever2
Negative image from Rever video. The negative of the negative flag is, of course, positive. From

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