Edith Dekyndt’s Transparent Flag

Artist Edith Dekyndt was born in 1960 in Ypres, Belgium. She lives and works in Tournai, Belgium and Strasbourg, France where she investigates methods of perception and phenomena on the verge of the invisible, via installations, video art, drawings and photography. (From the artist’s bio at http://zerogravity.empac.rpi.edu/dekyndt/.)


This transparent flag was part of her video piece, “One Second of Silence” (2008)

In May 2008, Edith Dekyndt was involved in an Erasmus workshop which took place in Enschede (NL). The title of the workshop was ‘BORDERS OF PERCEPTION’, meaning at the same time the idea of borders as the boundary of a state, and the notion of the limits of our perceptions, for example in seeing, hearing, tasting, etc.

There she realised a first transparent flag, which came from the title of the workshop. The flag is a kind of void, a flag without images, which leaves only see the sky behind it, a contemplative view.

There is also a presence of two important elements from classical painting, the sky itself and the drapery of fabric.

Visit her website at www.edithdekyndt.be.

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