Areal Density by Susan Murrell

From Ted Kaye’s report on his trip to the Bay Area in Vexilloid Tabloid  #49:

Areal Density, an installation by Susan Murrell in PDX Terminal A
Areal Density (detail).  Photograph by Ted Kaye.

In Portland Airport’s Concourse A, Susan Murrell’s installation Areal Density utilized multiple flag-shaped objects (although apparently not representing actual flags).  She teaches art at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

From the Port of Portland News Release:

“Technology has fundamentally changed our connection to the landscape,” Murrell said. “The horizon has defined our relationship to the world; now with our expanding perspective, we feel a kinship with microscopic images and aerial views of planets. Similarly, the clean lines of grids, maps, and charts have become a cultural shorthand for quantifying, organizing and even designating ownership of new information. Within the context and tradition of abstraction, my work deals with this shift in visual knowledge.”

The installation apparently closed last month, but more information and imagery can be found on Susan Murrell’s website: Areal Density is one of many Installations; the flag-objects are a recurring motif in her work, including some of her Two-dimensional work

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