Who could replace John Hood?

The answer, of course, is no one. However, as John reveals in his Open Letter to Members in the latest edition of The Vexilloid Tabloid, someone must replace John as editor of this venerable publication if it is to continue. Over 29 issues John has diligently and with great humor built the Tabloid into one of the finest vexillological publications in this country, but serious health issues are forcing him to step down from serving as editor and publisher.

1 thought on “Who could replace John Hood?”

  1. Regarding Scott’s comment on John Hood: forgive me if I am guilty of “praising famous men”, but John was the linch-pin that brought forth an excellent and informative Vex Tab. I am not sure we are going to see that again.

    While I am sure that no one can replace John and we will have a Tabloid that may not have the passion and conviction that John gave it, someone else “must carry the flag”.

    That will not be as easy as one think. I for one think that there must be more than one person to take on the helm until one person can do it. I am willing to help and I think that there are others as well. Perhaps they will step forward? – Patrick Genna

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