The Vexilloid Tabloid – 50th edition!

The February 2015 edition of our newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid, is the fiftieth we’ve published!  As always, it’s available as a PDF file on this site. You can also get it and future issues delivered to your inbox by emailing your request to VexTab 50 features: The Vexilloid Tabloid at 50 Issues (Ted Kaye) […]

Provo Puts its Latest Logo on a Bedsheet

Blog post by Scott Mainwaring The flag of Provo, Utah ranked extremely low (143rd out of 150) in the flag designs evaluated in NAVA’s 2004 American City Flags Survey, eventually leading to an effort in 2013 by Mayor John Curtis to create and adopt a new flag for Utah’s third-largest city. The effort got bogged down in […]

Happy 2015!

Actually, it’s a flag for any non-leap year that begins on a Thursday. The boundaries aren’t shown, but it’s made from 53 narrow columns (weeks, running from the first week on the hoist edge to the last week on the fly edge) and 7 wide rows (days of the week, with Sunday along the top […]