1 October Is World Vexillology Day

By Scott Mainwaring
Vexilloid Tabloid #60

FIAV, the International Federation of Vexillological Associations, has called 1 October 1961 the “birth-day of modern vexillology” as it marks the debut of the world’s first journal of flag studies: Gerhard Grahl and Whitney Smith’s Flag Bulletin. This birthday, I think, calls for an annual celebration of all things vexillological: World Vexillology Day; Vexiday for short.

Heraldists have International  Heraldry Day (June 10th), pirates have International Talk Like A  Pirate Day (September 19th)—is it not time that flag enthusiasts got their day in the sun? This April I pitched this idea to my colleagues in the Portland Flag Association, who thought it had potential for expanding public awareness of vexillology, especially among young people—and generally having fun with flags. With a unanimous vote, the PFA became the first member of FIAV to support the idea and to agree to celebrate the inaugural Vexiday this Saturday, 1 October.

Since then, 14 FIAV member associations around the world, including just last month the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), have followed suit.

The PFA will be marking Vexiday with a flag show-and-tell event in a public space here in Portland. Scholars in Eastern Europe will observe it at the First Georgian National Conference of Vexillology and Heraldry. Italian vexillologists are organizing a public event at Sforza Castle in Milan. How will you be celebrating? You might consider joining a flag association, displaying your favorite flag at your home, submitting a design to a flag contest, praising vexillology online (use hashtag #vexiday), or just raising a toast to Whitney Smith or another flag luminary. Let us know at info@vexiday.org.

For more information on Vexiday, visit www.vexiday.org. On social media, follow Vexiday on Facebook at facebook.com/vexillologyday, on Twitter at twitter.com/vexiday, on Instagram at instagram.com/vexiday, and on Tumblr at vexiday.tumblr.com.

Let’s take one day a year to celebrate flags, flag studies, and flag design, every October 1st!


Vexilloid Tabloid #60

The October 2016 edition of the PFA club newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid #60, is here, featuring:

  • 1 October Is World Vexillology Day (Scott Mainwaring)
  • How Albany, Oregon, Got a Flag (Cole Pouliot)
  • The Flag of Null Island (Ted Kaye)
  • 1993 Proposals for Macau’s Flag (Patrick Genna)
  • Powell Boulevard’s Flag Parade (Ted Kaye)

Editor’s note:

In this issue, Scott Mainwaring tells us about his idea for an annual celebration of flags, flag studies, and flag design every 1 October:  World Vexillology Day (or Vexiday for short).  So far, he has gotten buy-in from 15 flag associations around the world, including the PFA and NAVA.  Other sponsoring associations include: Vexillology Ireland, the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association, Bandiere Storiche (Italy), the  New England Vexillological Association, the New Zealand Flag Association, the Southern African Vexillological Association, the Burgee Data Archives (Canada), the Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association (Oregon), the Heraldry Society of Slovenia, the Catalan Association of Vexillology, the Flag Data Center (Czech Republic), the Italian Center of Vexillological Studies, and the Breton Vexillological Society.  All of these will be celebrating in some manner on Saturday, 1 October (see www.vexiday.org for details).  If you are part of another association, please join in and let Scott know at info@vexiday.orgHow will you be celebrating?