Learning from Roman Army Re-Enactors

Condensed and adapted by Patrick Genna from http://www.legionxxiv.org/signum Originally published in The Vexilloid Tabloid #33, April 2012 The website above, home to a Roman Army re-enactor group in Pennsylvania, has an extensive gallery of images of replica military equipment, including flags and vexilloids. The 24th Legion “defends the  Frontiers  of Ancient Rome in the Mid-Atlantic Province of… Continue reading Learning from Roman Army Re-Enactors

The Vexillum: The Original Vexilloid

Vexillology: The study of flags.  Coined by Whitney Smith in 1957, as a combination of the Latin word Vexillum and the Greek suffix -ology. Vexillum (pl. vexilla):  In ancient Rome, a square military banner hung from a crossbeam carried on a staff.   It's the diminutive of velum ("sail"), itself derived from Proto-Indo-European *weg- (“to weave a web”) or *weǵʰ- (“to ride”), thus… Continue reading The Vexillum: The Original Vexilloid