December 2016 Roundup

Roundup is a regular feature of the Vexilloid Tabloid newsletter, collecting various flag-related items of note. Portland hosted the trial of the armed occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeaster Oregon.  In Chapman Square, in front of the US District Courthouse, supporters maintained a vigil, including this boy hoisting the national flag as […]

Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina

by Ted Kaye Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, could really use a change of topic when it comes to flags. As the focal point for display of the Confederate Battle Flag in the South, the city hosted a turning point in the fractious debate, with the removal of the flag from the Confederate […]

November 2016 Flutterings

Flutterings is a regular feature in our Vexilloid Tabloid newsletter, providing highlights from our last meeting. In our November meeting, hosted by Fred Paltridge and his fiancée Willow Washburn in their new home, 11 PFA members enjoyed a lively 3+ hour evening of flags.  In the usual role of the host, Fred moderated the discussion. […]

Vexilloid Tabloid #61

Our December 2016 newsletter features: Whitney Smith, 1940-2016 Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina (Ted Kaye) The Fleur-de-Lis: From Lys to Lis, or from Flower to Emblem (Patrice de La Condamine) Vexiday: The First World Vexillology Day (Scott Mainwaring) Michael Orelove’s Burgees Make Port (Michael Orelove) And, as always, notes from our last meeting, a […]